Choosing a Locksmith

As rapidly changing and diversified as any Modern Trade, your choice in a service professional will often depend on the device that needs service. An Auto lock specialist may service homes, but not Safes. Most Safe Service Techs do ONLY Safes.

Often built on emergency services, many modern 'smiths focus on the electronics of modern cars, the Chip key technology employed to reduce auto theft. But those skills don't always translate well into, say, digital access building entry device.

A professional association can often help with your search for the right fit, a modern and professional lock specialist who has experience with the category of your needs. LSA in South East Michigan will be happy to respond to your queries. ALOA, a national association, can put you in touch with many of this areas specialists.

SAVTA is an international association of SAFE Specialists/Technicians. They'll be more than happy to help you locate your best option.


Vehicle Ignition 'CHIP'-Transponder Key Sale

Transponder Keys and Vehicle Remotes-We Program for YOU


Highest Quality, Lowest Prices-Made While You Wait.


Chip Key prices STARTING at $19

 Skip the hassles of Internet shipping charges, keys that DON’T work & Dealership visits for Programming. Keys made here in 10 Minutes.

Examples of the Best Chip-Key Prices around:  INCLUDES CUTTING AND PROGRAMMING:
$19 for some GM-car program it for you
$65 for 'Grand Prix' / Saturn GM models
$65 for most Fords
$65 for most Hyundai

$65 for most Chrysler, Ram, Dodge, Jeep
$65 for most KIA
$65 for most Subaru, Honda, Toyota

$95 for most VW, Audi, Porsche
OUR KEY QUOTES INCLUDE THE PROGRAMMING CHARGES.  Laser-Sidewinder (Side-Milled) keys made as well, while you wait.
Cash and major credit cards accepted

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Mon-Friday 10am to 5pm
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2307 Dixie, Waterford. Just north of Telegraph-248-882-0304

'Chip' Keys

Modern cars have a transponder imbedded in the top of the key (or key like device); hiding inside the plastic “head”. The car has a receiver inside the car that is asking for the identity of the key. The key sends a numerical signature back, and if the vehicle recognizes the right information it allows the car to start. Mechanical metal keys without this technology only allow a few thousand key possibilities. With this technology the number of different keys can reach into the billions, thus never having your car accidentally start with someone elses key. Additionally if a bad guy forces the ignition over to the start position, the car still won’t start because the vehicle does not see the elctronic signature it is looking for.  While a spare key doesn’t cost two bucks anymore there is an upside; your car is a lot less vulnerable to theft because of this technology.