Vehicle Ignition 'CHIP'-Transponder Key Sale

Transponder Keys and Vehicle Remotes-We Program for YOU


Highest Quality, Lowest Prices-Made While You Wait.


Chip Key prices STARTING at $19

 Skip the hassles of Internet shipping charges, keys that DON’T work & Dealership visits for Programming. Keys made here in 10 Minutes.

Examples of the Best Chip-Key Prices around:  INCLUDES CUTTING AND PROGRAMMING:
$19 for some GM-car program it for you
$65 for 'Grand Prix' / Saturn GM models
$65 for most Fords
$65 for most Hyundai

$65 for most Chrysler, Ram, Dodge, Jeep
$65 for most KIA
$65 for most Subaru, Honda, Toyota

$95 for most VW, Audi, Porsche
OUR KEY QUOTES INCLUDE THE PROGRAMMING CHARGES.  Laser-Sidewinder (Side-Milled) keys made as well, while you wait.
Cash and major credit cards accepted

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